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Greetings and warm welcome from Jamaica Private investigators - We uses this opportunity to greet all the customers and clients on behalf of its well organized and decently performing investigators who provide many reasons to use their services in each and every part of Jamaica.

You must be shocking to know that we are some of the rare people who are not easy to get anywhere else. It is because of our great strength, positive approach, high energy and a kind of intelligence to logically understand and analyze a sensitive matter and always be well determined to operate in the insidious and subvert environment to offer positive results.

While comparing the our capabilities with other worldwide agencies, there is absolutely no doubt about it that we are beyond any comparison in terms of their proficiencies, talents, and optimism. We do know that when we sweat more in peace then only we will bleed less in war and this is always remains the principle of our life which enabled us to set bigger target to achieve higher goal in the Jamaican investigation industry.

Due to this reason, today, we're coming the list of most distinctive and highly professional firm which is providing more significant and valuable services in all categories by covering entire problematic areas of mankind wherever there is any likelihood of a problem in the personal life and professional activities of variety of people working in different professions. Our main focus is to identify the kind of problems coming to the corporate houses, insurance firms and people linked with intellectual properties in the country.

Our primary aim is to provide the easy and effective access of our private investigators to all those who are suffering from various kinds of personal and business problems, do require prompt and necessary assistance to evolve a perfect solution of their problems. By virtue of kind of capabilities, we have and nature of assignments we attend, today our professionals are thoroughly experienced in handling all kind of risks and threats come up due to numerous complexes and criticalities in the life of people.

As a result, we provide wide range of private Investigation Services in Jamaica by deploying the team of our private investigator in Jamaica for conducting investigations and detective services. Our professionals are widely covering entire regions of Jamaica through best functional activities which are absolutely up to the mark for meeting our clients’ need. As an effect, we are able to maintain best client’s relationship in order to make them realize that we do take due care of their interests and necessities.

The sodality of our experienced and talented private investigators in Jamaica has opened more avenues which are emerging as the finest point to take down the world class private investigations in Jamaica which are designed for the financial and social satisfaction of our clients. As we handle sensitive matters and act to challenge other firms in the matter of pricing and rates which remains comparative lesser than others.

We are a professional private investigation service providers in all over the Jamaica with the wide range of services, our expertise can easily meet the clients demands and our experienced professional allow us to promote our service on the investigation gateways, Indeed we are also specialized in Debt Collection and process services with our genuine rates.

For taking the good use of our services, please do contact us on, our services are well designed to satisfy all the categories by keeping the effective time management, cost of services, satisfactory results with higher eminence in features.

Our Services

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Accident Claim Investigations
  • IP Rights Investigations
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Process Services
  • Background Verification Services
Private Investigative service in Jamaica
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