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Corporate Investigators & Investigation Services in Jamaica

The prime objective of launching corporate investigations services in Jamaica is to provide the freedom to all corporate houses from majority of corporate risks so that the emerging corporations can find better way to develop and grow effectively. With these intentions, our corporate investigators are coming up with more impactful processes of corporate investigations in Jamaica intended for protecting the vital operations, regular functions and overall mechanism against the rising threats potential risks and insidious activities which are growing in the highly stressing environment prevails in the country.

Our corporate investigators in Jamaica are utilizing their intelligent skills and analytical capabilities to identify the root cause and apply stronger investigation ethics to ascertain the problematic area in corporate sector and put their best efforts to eliminate the problematic areas by rectifying the problem by bringing the reforms in corporate sector.

Our services are being utilized by the people of many neighboring countries where there are lesser resources to obtain a quality service in that area. It could be possible due to the perfect back up supports of our associates and partners located in these countries and enable us to provide perfect investigations in the other neighboring countries. So only, people living in the far-off regions are getting an edge to have winning corporate investigation services in other far off country.

Corporate Investigation Services in Jamaica offered by our corporate investigators are as follows:

  • Online Investigations
  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigations
  • Business Background / Corporate Background Screening
  • Asset Checks Investigations
  • Corporate Record Research Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Right Investigation
  • Corporate Surveillance services
  • Employment background screening services
  • Competitive Intelligence investigations
  • Litigation Support investigations
  • Corporate Theft / employee theft
  • Malingering Employees investigations
  • Employee Integrity check
  • Corporate Fraud Detection
  • Breach of Contract Investigations

Due diligence investigations in Jamaica are the excellence of our quality corporate investigators, this is one of our specialized services offered in order to provide complete and correct information depicting the company profiles and financial status and other vital information on a targeted company to evolve finest prospective for constructing better business relationships with associates and partner firms to accessing multiple ventures of investments. The effective use of due diligence services in Jamaica can provide the opportunities of growth and developments.

Most of the times, corporate clients require litigation works for getting the effective legal solution of some tedious problems and hopes for a better result, since we work for the interest of the people, so only we are here to provide best the facility of litigation in the advanced stage of corporate investigations. Our corporate investigators foresee such requirements and provide the necessary information on the development of case by visiting at various sources to retrieve the information. Our course of action starts as mentioned below:

  • Finding Databases and Other Information Sources
  • Conducting Interviews and tracing the witness
  • Obtaining Business Locations and Operational Sites
  • Unearthing Critical Information
  • Taking and Verifying Expert Witness testimony
  • Obtaining Medical, Financial state, Assets values and Other Critical Information

The superior use of provided information and excellent Corporate Investigation Services in Jamaica are best utilized for protecting all corporate businesses against unpredictable risk and offers the suitable environment of growth to all businesses by providing ample of opportunities for future investments through eminent ventures/partnerships. To get the best use of our offered services, kindly contact us by sending your genuine requests on

Our Services

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Accident Claim Investigations
  • IP Rights Investigations
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Process Services
  • Background Verification Services
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