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Claim Investigators & Insurance Investigation Services in Jamaica

In the present circumstance, the claim investigations services in Jamaica provided by our insurance fraud investigators are having wider functions and compatibilities with existing regulatory to identify and establish majority of needs and demands made by insurance companies for detecting the defects in claim processes offered by them, due to which, they are forced to take huge monetary losses and damage to reputations.

In addition to that, they want to know whether insurance investigation is the more reliable way to get rid of all these problems which are becoming as reason of more worries to entire insurance companies located in different parts of countries. Due to this most of the Jamaican insurance companies are willing to know various roles, functions and limited of our insurance fraud investigators working in various parts of Jamaica.

Today, the prime role of our insurance fraud investigator in Jamaica is to look after entire claim investigative needs of the all insurance companies by giving the effective works to protect them from claims related frauds usually occurring in this sector. Due to this reason, we have numerous functions to provide claim investigations in Jamaica to set up a system of observing entire fraudulent insurance claims and expose the fake claims on the point for protecting the companies to higher financial losses.

Our claim investigators in Jamaica are proficient in setting the best procedures for the intelligent use of the companies which are required by them for discovering the faked or staged claims. Our expert insurance investigators are having the similar niche and proficiencies to identify and expose all suspicious claims and avoid all possibilities of getting similar kinds of claims. Jamaica claim investigators do take due care of all claim processes and utilize the perfect investigations to verify all the documents and records used for getting an insurance claim.

In the present circumstances, our insurance fraudulent claims investigations are used as the perfect processes for bringing the transparency in claim processes with almost nil possibility of having a faked claim. The investigators perfectly identify the nature of assignment and judge the scope of investigation and thereafter create strategy for exposing the faked claim by identifying false material utilized for constructing such claims.

The premium claim investigation services in Jamaica are described below:

  • Homicide / suicide investigations
  • Contestable Death investigation
  • Disappearance of the victim / witness investigations
  • Accidental Death investigations
  • Wrongful Death investigations
  • Subrogation and recovery services
  • Foreign Death of non-immigrants or non-residents

Our services are some of well set processes with higher potentiality to identify the use of fraudulent material in constructing a claim and wisely expose the facts before the clients by conducting under mentioned activities as described below:

  • Interview of beneficiary for knowing the whole procedure
  • Hospital / medical treatment / laboratory reports collections
  • Written / verbal / Video Statements from witnesses
  • Collection and analysis of Police Reports
  • Motor Vehicle Records / accident reports
  • Medical Record Retrieval to know the range of injuries
  • Pharmacy Record Retrieval pertaining to prescription

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