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Background Checks & Verification Services in Jamaica

Our background screeners in Jamaica are recognized as the most effective and powerful source for providing the quick and easy employment solution of various kinds problem for getting quality works on verification services in entire region of Jamaica. The present corporate working in this region require best verification work which must be more reliable and advanced in all aspects so that it can implemented in verify various kinds of suspicious statements, testimonial and records in order to establish the fact of vital documents. We owns the best team of effective background screeners who have the niche to work in any awkward conditions and provide best verification services in Jamaica with perfection and consistency.

Jamaica verification services comprises up of numerous checks which are considered as the bigger powerful pack made available for meeting every demands and necessity as per individual desires. The best use of these checks can be obtained by utilizing independent and or comprehensive checks according to budgetary ranges. Some of the most impactful checks included in verification services are highlighted for your necessary requirements.

Identity Check: By working for years together in investigation industry, it made us to quickly observe the susceptible habit of people in hiding the identity for some undesired purpose, it must be related with creation of sensitive environment of insecurity to create instability in corporations or businesses. The sharper knowledge of our professionals enables us to quickly expose such practices which are responsible of different types of frauds and theft. We always utilize our sixth sense to verify the cause of such identity thefts. This type of checks can be effectively utilized by the people for protecting their organizations detrimental effects of neglectful hiring’s.
Why should you use an Identity Check and screening services?

  • To confirm the identity of a candidates if they pretend to be.
  • To detect the cause behind identity theft.

Criminal Check: We have the greater skills in getting the access to vital information on various Criminal / Police records of all suspicious and doubted criminals to reveal the history or background as an early precaution to safeguard the businesses against risks.
Why should you use the Criminal Background Checks?

  • Avoid the risk of having such employees who have Criminal Records.
  • To detect the offences committed by the employee as to have future alert.
  • To acquire a facility to get the court record check for all.

Financial Check: This is the specific check conducted by our background screeners to confirm the financial position of a candidate to ensure the status of the candidate for taking a decision to offer the charge of position which is comparatively higher than other positions within the company. We also have the facility to cover up the cases of Bankruptcy records, credit history check or other significant checks on directorship or shareholders.
Why you should use financial checks?

  • To eliminate the risk of financial fraud.
  • To avoid entire risks associated with money laundering or dishonest act conducted by employees.

Qualification Check: In the present age, this is one of the most vital checks needed by organizations at the time of recruitments or post recruitment. This check can certify the excellence of a candidate by revealing the knowledge attributes skill level, proficiency and performance level of a candidate.
Why you should use Qualification check?

  • To authenticate the credentials, educational certificates and to judge the performance of an individual.
  • To maintain the credibility of the position offered to an employee in an organization.

These are some of the dominating checks included in our background screening services. We have got the superior network to deliver our background verifications in other major cities of country. Furthermore we have some of the crucial checks in advanced verification services which are mentioned below:

  • Social Security Number Trace/validation
  • Professional License Verification
  • Professional Credential Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records Checks (MVR)
  • Financial Industry Searches
  • Workers' Compensation History
  • International Background Checks
  • Pre-Post Employment verification
  • Verification of registered documents
  • Verification of Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Work experience verification

Excellence through in-country or global coverage

  • We provide customized screening solution to all global organization, right from the mailroom to the boardroom
  • We hold the power to order, manage and review background via the Web or a pre-integrated solution
  • We facilitate our clients with most accurate and authentic information
  • Our quality searches are processed through fastest means in minimum possible time
  • Our stanched commitments for legal compliance
  • All information passed through rigorous quality controls

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